Incoming Students / Application Form

Application Documents:

You may find the application form and learning agreement by clicking on each form.
The application documents need to be sent to International Academic Relations Office.
Contact Details of the International Academic Relations Office:
Uluslararası Akademik İlişkiler Kurulu İstanbul Üniversitesi Rektörlüğü
34452 Beyazıt / İSTANBUL

Application Deadlines:

Application deadlines for 2017/2018 Academic Year are:
Fall Semester: 15th of July
Spring Semester 15th of November.


Semester and Exam Periods:

The study year is divided into two terms:  First term (FALL SEMESTER) and Second term (SPRING SEMESTER).

Fall semester starts* on the 28th of September, 2017. Courses of the fall semester end on 29th of December, 2017.

Spring semester starts* on the 1st of February, 2018. Courses of the spring semester end on 4th of May, 2018.

Please kindly note that the beginning and end of courses can slightly vary according to each professor’s teaching plan. Each Professor establishes the exact date.

* The dates are stated according to the academic calendar of the Law Faculty. Any changes are to be taken into consideration in case you choose courses from different faculties.

The final exams are usually taking place within 3 weeks after the end of each semester. But please kindly note that the exact dates of the both mid-term and final exams (as well as the examination procedures to be followed) will be announced by the lecturer of each course. 

Learning Agreement

Learning agreement is an informal contract that indicates precisely what courses the student will be enrolled. Thus you are expected to complete a learning agreement, right after you select the courses that you wish to enroll.


Learning agreement is to be signed by you, your own university and İstanbul University as the host institution.


Subsequent modifications are permitted as long as they are agreed by all parties concerned. You must send the change learning agreement to your home University as soon as possible after you get the approval of our Institutional Coordinator.

In order to choose courses pertaining to different Faculties you have to contact the related Erasmus coordinator and ask him/her to approve your learning agreement as well.


Drop / Add Period & Changes to the Learning Agreement

Drop/Add period is usually limited to 1 week as from the 2 weeks after the beginning of courses. Exact dates will be announced upon your arrival.

When you wish to make changes to your learning agreement during this period you have to prepare the new document and bring it to your related Erasmus coordinator and to the International Office (located beside the main entrance door)during office hours. Institutional Coordinator has to verify the change and the new document has to be approved and signed by International Office.

Erasmus Course List by Term and Course Syllabus

Please see ERASMUS Course List 2017-2018 in English, German, French and  ERASMUS Course Syllabus 2017-2018 in detail. 


Turkish language courses for Erasmus students

The Department of Foreign Languages offers Turkish courses for Erasmus students.  For more information, you can contact the Department once your registration completed. 

Transcript of Records

Upon your request, your Transcript of Records is issued by the Incoming Students Committee and approved by our Departmental Coordinator, provided that the grades have been sent to the Committee.  The Transcript of Records can also be sent to your home university both online and via regular mail.

ECTS Credit Allocation


The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a credit system that is student-centered and based on the workload of the student. This value expresses all the work that a student must do to be able to complete courses successfully and to attain the predetermined learning outputs (theoretical lessons, practical lessons, seminars, individual study, exams, assignments, etc). Every course offered at Istanbul University has both local and ECTS credits. The local credit of a lesson is formed by taking the total hours spent by the student in theoretical lessons every week, and half the hours spent in the laboratory, practical lessons, or in the studio. This system, created from the start for credit transfer, is used as a credit accumulation system institutionally, regionally, nationally and on the European level. Istanbul University has prepared the ECTS tables of all its, faculties, institutes, schools and vocational schools in a comprehensive manner in 2007. The ECTS guidelines are available at the following address. In the framework of the reconstruction of the learning outcomes of each programme at the university also the ECTS credits are being reformulated to reflect learning outcomes. ECTS credit allocation is based on the student workload needed in order to achieve expected learning outcomes. Student workload hours consist of theoretical and applied/laboratory hours of courses, self studies, seminars, field study, atelier, research and presentations, projects, homeworks, quizzes, midterms, finals and exam preparations, etc. All student workload hours are fully recognized. An educational semester comprises 16 weeks (including exam weeks) and an educational week includes 8 hours in five working days and 4 hours at the weekends, totally 44 hours per week. 16 weeks per semester times 44 hours per week results in 704 hours per semester and 1408 hours per an academic year. Since each year has 60 ECTS credits, 1408 hours per year divided by 60 ECTS credits equals 24-25 hours per ECTS credits.

The calculation of the General Academic Grade Average (GANO) is carried out according to the student’s local credits and grades. However, local credits and grades, as well as the ECTS credits and grades, will be shown on the transcripts.


IU Grading Scale

Istanbul University recommends the following grading equivalency table:


The grade (G) is given to students who are successful in non-credit courses.

The grade M is given to the student who is found successful in the examination for exemption conducted by the department concerned for courses determined by the University Senate.


Extension of the Mobility Period

Your mobility period can be extended, only if your extension request is approved by both Erasmus Departmental Coordinators at the sending University and İstanbul University. (Please contact to the Incoming Students Department Coordinator.) You also have to submit the original extension form by hand or by mail to the International Relations Office of İstanbul University within 15 days from the end of the Erasmus mobility period

Student ID Card

You will be able to get your Student ID Card upon your arrival from International Academic Relations Committee as soon as you provide the documents required before your arrival.Two biometric photos are required.


Orientation Program


In order to make your first steps in Istanbul University Law School easier, we will help you with the formalities and provide tips for living and studying in İstanbul. The experienced voluntary students will also offer help for you.


You will be welcomed by the staff of the Office of Erasmus of the Istanbul University Law School. (Venue will be announced)


The Orientation Program takes place in the week before lectures begin. The exact dates of our fall 2017/18 Orientation Programs will be published as soon as they are fixed.


By participating in Erasmus Student Orientation, you will gain essential information about:

• Residence permit rules and regulations that affect your visa status,

• Student health services and health insurance requirements at Istanbul University,

• Academic life at Istanbul University and how to register for classes,

• Campus and community resources,

• Opportunities to meet other new international and domestic students at Istanbul University,

• Opportunities to meet Departmental Coordinators.


Erasmus Office / Office Hours


The Erasmus Office is located beside the Lecture Hall 1 in the Law School Building.  The Office Hours is announced at the beginning of each term. 


Visa / Residence Permit


All international degree/exchange/erasmus/visiting students must have obtained a Student Visa before entering Turkey for studying at Istanbul University. A student visa is required to register as a student in Turkey, please obtain a student visa before your arrival.

Exceptions are those who have Turkish citizenship or are legal dependents of someone in Turkey on a diplomatic mission or with a valid permit.

See the link below:


Within one month after your arrival, you must apply for your Residence Permit at the Istanbul Security Office, Bureau for Foreigners. Generally you can pick up your residence permit along with your passport after a week as your passport is kept along with your application documents. You must pick up your own permit.

See the link below:



Only a limited number of Erasmus students are given accommodation at the guesthouse on the Avcılar campus.

For further information:


For accommodation you can also look at these links:



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